Take your business to the next level FOR THE WIN. Millions flock to their computers, consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and social networks each day to play. Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal A Newborn Business by Zoltan Andrejkovics For the Win by Kevin Werbach Gamification by Design by Gabe Zichermann. In For the Win, Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter argue persuasively that game- makers need not be the only ones benefiting from game design. Werbach and.

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Sep 09, Cariadne rated it it was ok.

Now I have strong general understanding on the topic. The self-determiantion theory suggests, needs fall intwo following three categories: I enjoyed it for its examples, taxonomy, and presentation of gamification.

A great beginners book, but if you are already comfortable with the topic of “Gamification” and seek something more in depth, look elsewhere Apart from a structured overview into the concept of Gamification, there is kevi sprinkling of warnings against the blind useage of “PBL”.

Keep score; determine the win state, connection to progression, provide feedback, and provides data for the game designer. The secret is blitzscaling: A nice foundation to build on. Focus on what you want din players to do and how you’ll measure them. There are few good examples of failures of Gamificationbut doesn’t go in depth maybe not the fkr purpose of the book. Werbach’s book is comprehensive in its coverage of gamification, but it’s not particularly kevih.

Books by Kevin Werbach. It must be fun – if users think your system is fun, they are more likely to come back.

For the Win Audiobook | Kevin Werbach, Dan Hunter |

No trivia or quizzes yet. A well-designed game goes right to the motivational heart of the human psyche. Basic concepts but narration is robotic the book is talking about fun and gamification roots, but is boring. Why Cant Business Be Fun? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


For the Win

Record Searchlight California newspaper – online comments, badges etc 2. Having read an academic book on gamification already, I found this book to oversimplify the concepts of creating game-based strategies.

Tell him about the quotes! I enjoyed this aspect and really liked the game wergach such as the author’s experience in World of Warcraft. And what they don’t know. I found that the authors kept repeating ideas about locating meaningful ways of introducing game I may be biased against business oriented books.

In their book, they reveal how game thinking-addressing problems like a game designer-can motivate employees and customers and create engaging experiences that can transform your business. Yet those who actually manage to do so are exceedingly rare.

May 30, Mike Moore rated it liked it Shelves: When you’re a spy, you see a lot of strategies. Now if you invest tuppence, in this little book Soon you’ll see It increases your clickstream and your bottom-line account Prof-it-a-bly Wjn you’ll achieve that sense of stature Introductory courses or books are mostly boring – after all, usually you know a bit about the subject from your general knowledge and experience, and it is just annoying to read the basics.

For the Win reveals how a wide range of companies are successfully using game thinking.

The Wellness Mama Cookbook. Remember Everything You Read. The authors conclude a chapter by advising that gamification be implemented in a thw beneficial way p. You said something about te entry-level position? Hunter is a judge for the resolution of domain name disputes for the World Intellectual Property Organization, and is on the editorial board of numerous journals. Book gives a good structure with detailed steps covering most of the important checklists on how to start thinking and applying gamification in any business.


The book is clearly targeted to business applications, while my interest is in teaching and learning, but even fpr there was no directly applicable examples I found the book useful as I continue to think about how to gamify a College course. Let the games begin! I highly recommend that. Let the games begin!

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I read this book while taking a Coursera class on gamification with half of the author team, Kevin Werbach. Jun 07, Don Sevcik rated it liked it. More from the same Author: And then later, they dedicated a whole level the book is aptly divided into levels instead of chapters, btw about more stuff to watch out for like the legality of it all. Elad Gil Narrated by: Gamification is not about putting points or badges into a system. Points and badges have no closer a relationship to games than they do to websites and fitness apps and loyalty cards Somehow, the authors of this book make enjoyable the reading of a comprehensive treatise on gamification.

However, without a background in psychology it’s hard to imaging a successful implementation of a gamification program based solely on a reading of this book.

They can be of 4 types: Tell me, young fellow, what are you planning to do with your tuppence? The best vignette was essentially a paragraph at the end that summed up how a university improved the learning outcomes for their students. There are three stages in levin cycle: Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

When mentioning how gamification can fulfill the basic sources of intrinsic motivation outlined by Self This book contradicts itself.

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