This Pin was discovered by Cri Maggio. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. “ELEGIE DUINESI DI RAINER MARIA RILKE” di Daniela Damiani Viaggio dell’ anima di un poeta, Rainer Maria Rilke, che attraverso uno dei più grandi. Elegie Duinesi Di Rainer Maria Rilke. 3 likes. Book.

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Divers and jugglers of zeal! Let my streaming face make me more radiant: O, gather it, pluck it, that small-flowered healing herb. Shows him the tall Tear-trees, and the fields of flowering Sadness, The living know it as only a tender shrub. Look, trees exist; houses, we live in, still stand.

Have you remembered Gastara Stampa sufficiently yet, that any girl, whose lover has gone, might feel from that intenser example of love: And you women, am I not right, who would love me for that small beginning of love, for you, that I always turned away from, because the space of your faces changed, as I loved, into cosmic space, where you no longer existed Hear then, my heart, as only saints have heard: As if through an oversight it opens out behind the other Trying to become it.

Was it not miracle?

Rainer Maria Rilke – Elegie Duinesi by Elisabetta Potthoff (Paperback) – Lulu

Over and above us, then, the Angel plays. Strange, though, alas, the streets of Grief-City, where, in the artificiality of a drowned-out false stillness, the statue cast from the mould of emptiness bravely swaggers: And with the gratitude of the Completed Rike went out in the winter night to stroke That little tower like a great old animal [59]. It was first translated for the American market in in a translation by J. Chartres was great — and Music towered still higher and went beyond us.

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The other is the spiritual imperative to present, in this wider context, the transformations of love that are not possible in a narrower circle where Death is simply excluded as The Other. But we forget so easily what our laughing neighbour neither acknowledges nor envies. And were, yet, on our own, happy with Timelessness, and stood there, in the space between world and plaything, at a point that from first beginnings had been marked out for pure event.

The Duino Elegies German: We realise flowering and fading together. Ah, there was little caution in the sleeper: But who are they, tell me, these Travellerseven more.

Rilke Elegie Duinesi | Rainer Maria Rilke | Pinterest | Rainer maria rilke

Excess of being wells up in my heart. At the onset of the First Elegy, Rilke describes this frightened experience, defining beauty as. You, who fall, with the thud that only fruit knows, unripe, a hundred times a day from the tree of mutually built-up movement that, swifter than water, in a few moments, shows spring, summer and autumnfall, and impact on the grave: Are we as mingled with their features, as there is vagueness in the faces of pregnant women?


Here is the age of the sayable: Throw the emptiness out of your arms to add to the spaces we breathe; maybe the birds will feel the expansion of air, in more intimate flight.

He comes to the field, beyond her. Who has turned us round like this, so that, whatever we do, we always have the aspect of one who leaves? Rilke’s reputation in the English-speaking world rests largely on the popularity of Duino Elegies.

We do not know the contours of feeling, only what forms it from outside. Pearls of grief and the fine veils of suffering.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Dead children wanted you And the summer to come. Do you not know yet? And, suddenly, in this troublesome nowhere, suddenly, the unsayable point where the pure too-little is changed incomprehensibly – altered into that empty too-much. Would these not fling their last, ever-saved, ever-hidden, unknown to us, eternally valid coins of happiness in front of the finally truly smiling pair on the silent carpet?

It will stand in your gaze, finally upright, saved at last. And he heard you and was soothed. Briefwechsel Insel, ,

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