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Definition of soil physical, chemical and biological properties, plant nutrients. Introduction to microbiological count methods and determination of biological activity in soil.

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Plant Biotechnology Journal derd,10 7: The effects of mycorrhiza on the uptake of plant nutrients and teaching the effects of mycorrhiza on the quality of plant products 2. The relationships of microorganisms among each other, biological balance, mutualism, antagonism, parasitism.

Molar concentration, value of charges bitik Acids, bases and salts, problem solving. Subjects, solutions and elemental combinations, elements, molecular weight, Avogadro number, law of fixed proportions, The law of conservation of mass, finding simple formulas, assigning molecular formula.

Definition of mycorrhiza, the isolation and duplication, the impact of crop production, types of mycorrhiza, the factors that influence the formation, on the effects of nutrients uptake, determination of effects over the quality of plant products. J Biotechnology, 4: Beslemf of buffering capacity, determination of pKa coefficient, determination of pKb coefficients. Description of hydrolysis, the hydrolysis of diluted salt solutions and calculations of pHs hydrolysis of salts whose acids are weak acid and bases are strong And calculation of pHs.


Prof. Dr. Tarlan Mammedov | Ziraat Fakültesi

The relationships between microorganisms and plant roots, relationships between soil organisms-soil productivity. Having biki to work at laboratory Able to preparation of solutions at desired concentrations Learning about the properties of solutions and having knowledge about end products of their reactions. Can be able to mycorrhiza, isolate the mycorrhiza and inoculate the mycorrhiza.

Physical and chemical properties of water, anions and cations in water, ESP and SAR values, electrical conductivity, the classification of irrigation water, determination of irrigation water for irrigation.

bitki besleme pdf reader

Soil Microbiology bitji biochemistry. Methods of soil analysis. Help students gain laboratory experiment, inform them about basics of chemistry and teach how to prepare solutions and use them. Classification of soil microorganisms and living conditions, Isolation of bacteria and mycorrhizae, Preparation of growth media, Reproduction of isolated microorganisms, Sterilization, to obtain pure cultures, dilution and staining methods, growth media and inoculation to plant techniques.

Able to take soil samples for microbiological purposes Able to count microorganisms Able to having inoculation skills at solid and liquid nutrient mediums Able to do enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity. Teaching isolation of mycorrhiza and methods of mycorrhiza production 1. In vivo deglycosylation of recombinant proteins in plants by co-expression with bacterial PNGase Ibtki.


The scope of soil microbiology and the importance in terms of soil. Learn about soil organisms 2. Learn the relationships between microorganisms and plants 3.

The ecology of mycorrhizae. Students gaining work in experience at the laboratory 2. Green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii possess endogenous sialylated N-glycans.

Students learning having knowledge about properties of water 2. Classification of irrigation water and teaching systems used in classification. Describing solubility balance, solubility and solubility multiplication, precipitation and solubility multiplication.

MamedovEric R. Calculations of pH of diluted acid solutions, calculations of pH of strong acid solutions, the calculation of pHs diluted solutions of weak acids. Students will learn calculation methods in the preparation of solutions 3. Teaching CO 2endo-and ecto-enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity 2. Physical, chemical and biological aspects of being recognized.

Description of glass and other equipments in the laboratory, converting measurement units, solutions, saturation degrees of solutions, solution concentrations. Soil faunas, Protozoa, Metazoans, living conditions of soil organisms, number of soil organisms and distributions.

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