INTERNSHIP REPORT ON ASKARI BANK LIMITED . the Bank had equity of Rs. which in turn has resulted in increased competition. 1. Lahore. This internship report includes a complete introduction, performance and financial analysis of the statements of the Askari Bank Limited. Internship Report 1 ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Department of Business Administration INTERNSHIP REPORT ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED.

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Many affecting parts are joined to this but the important objective is to attract and retain the customers. Askari bank establishment in Pakistan gave banking sector a new horizon. The amount outstanding against the borrower is shown as debit in the account for a partial amount.

In such case banks cannot ask for any collateral against loan. Documents to be obtained for opening an individual account are: Concepts of finance and accounting such as interest rate calculation, General entries, ledger, daily branch position consignment accounts and balance sheets are prepared by bank that.

Failure to exercise this care may result in serious consequences not only for the banker concerned but also for the other bankers and general public.

Determines whether loans should be obtained or surplus should be invested. It is the fastest way of transferring money. You need just one click to transfer money from one place to another from one account to another account whether they are in same bank or not.

Accounts of Limited Company: Published by Gabriel McCoy Modified over 3 years ago. AKBL provides these services to both customers and non-customers. Then this form is verified by the deposits department.

Current ratio of the bank is satisfactory. Cash manager controls the flow of cash receipts and disbursements to meet needs of the branch. Askari Commercial Bank limited continues to scale new heights in all areas of its operations. Askari bank limited mostly assist trading and manufacturing businesses to assist their current assets and fixed assets needs.


Proper check and balance must be applied.

Government regulations affect the working and profits of bank. In trade development not only domestic but foreign as well bank is providing the facility of transfer of money from one place to another place safely and quickly. Net mark up bnak is declined by 6. The bank has branches inPakistanand Azad Jammu andKashmirat the year-ended of It is also a great pleasure to record honorable regards to all those who helped us lot in learning and enhancing our knowledge as,ari ability during the report.

Thus foreign exchange is concerned with the settlement of international indebtedness, the methods of effecting the settlements and the instruments used in this connection, and the variation in the rate of exchange at which settlement of international indebtedness is made.

Other financial ratios have shown a consistent manner. By that letter, the borrower binds himself to pay the installments at regular intervals.

Two broad categories of deposits are Demand Deposits and time deposits. Experience of internship helps me in professional life. The uneconomic holding primitive method of cultivation, natural calamities such as floods and drought, illiteracy of the cultivators and lack of infrastructure including organized ware-housing have adversely affected the repaying capacity of the agriculturists. The main function of the remittance Department is to transfer money from one place to another.

Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited –

Foreign trade department deals with imports and exports related facilities issuing advance, E-Form, swift message and Askai as Sialkot is an industrial city most of the exports and imports of Sialkot are done through askari bank. A class of financial metrics that is used to determine a company’s ability to pay off its short-terms debts obligations.

Physical movement of cash in bank is made through cash department. First step in account opening procedure is filling of account opening form. Advances have two types funded and non funded. Each account has different requirements regarding documentation. These customers increase the goodwill of the bank. Contents of account opening form are: Commercial banking involves activities intetnship to export finance, project finance, leasing, trade finance, guarantees, lending, deposits from corporate customers and bills of exchange, treasury and money market services, locker services.


Bank is not trying to minimize its TL to TA ratio which is almost same throughout the period. This financing helps farmers make the optimum use of the limited water resources and overcome the scarcity of water. No computer expert in branch in case of any problem expert comes from head office which takes time.

Internship Report on Askari Bank 2017 (New)

Secured finances are those finances in which any collateral is obtained such as hypothecation, pledges or tangible assets. Main function of a commercial bank is to channelize the saving from the savers to the ultimate user of funds. Services being provided by bank to their customers are outstanding. Business Administration Page 31 Timing of Clearing: Allied Bank Limited Internship Report.

And when letter head pad is required.

ASKARI BANK LIMITED Internship report. ASKARI BANK LIMITED Internship report.

Houses plus apartments are covered under this particular type of financing. These certificates are negotiable and can be transferred to third internsyip. Also customers become able to meet its day to day financial requirements.

Foreign trade department deals in askarii account, imports and exports. Employees are ready to answer any queries above all staff is very intellectual and expert.

Business Administration Page 2 3.

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