Our Coaches Adam Linkenauger. The Most Popular and Proven Vertical Jump Trainer in the world. 9x ACC Champion and Coach, Olympic Qualifying Athlete. Adam Linkenauger is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Adam Linkenauger and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. Adam Linkenauger. K likes. Owner of and I Love Basketball:

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We know pick which keyword kinkenauger are aiming for. I was made fun of for working so hard. An excellent example of this was about ten years ago now. YouTube is where we go to find solutions to our problems.

You need to refer to the first link in the description. Number two would be what I call The family Feud method of just putting your mind in that of the viewer or your target market. After making an ABA basketball team, the team quickly folded because of money problems, and that is when I decided to help Adam Linkenauger on the side, which ended up linkenauer into a full time thing.

I think that is a relevant question for some of aadm audience. I went from barely touching the backboard to dunking with ease… Remember that Varsity player?

About Us — Freak Training

YouTube is a massive search engine. Type the terms into YouTube search bar and based on popularity, it will show you what words are being searched. Guys out there, Thriving Launchers.

YouTube itself is the second largest most used search engine, which makes it very competitive. Luis Congdon You linkenakger up something interesting there too that a lot of people miss out on when they want to get more views on YouTube.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger

They watch your content. But I knew something had to change in my training.


What the algorithm concentrates on to give beginners a chance to rank: I truly had aspirations to do it all! I want to start by asking you first. You can ask for the subscription. Luis Congdon YouTube is a massive search engine. Do you go into some keyword tool and see how things are ranking on Google? We create videos specifically on that subject because our channel at this point has a lot of credibility.

I hoped to have better luck in track and field. On this episode, Adam Linkenauger shares what strategies you can use to attract viewers and keep them watching. I mean, my goal was taken from me with that final crushing blow.

Which became mine the following season! I loved how Adam cared for his athletes and wasn’t a scammer like most online trainers and once he asked me to join him to help train basketball players, I was delighted. Once you start geeking out and you know all the terms within your field, and you could talk to the experts about it, how do you dumb it down and figure out what everyone else is using and looking for to get more views on YouTube?

Adam, thank you so much for joining us today on Thriving Launch. Do you have any tips around that? It makes me think of people in the health industry, and Kamala used to work in that space. If you surveyed of your target market, what would your ideal customers type into YouTube? We want to rank so that more people watch us, and we can build authority.

I went from roughly views over at three to four years span to over three million views in a one year span by just changing the terminology, and given this is the different time frame that we had grown the channel some at this point.

They have words on them that you can click those buttons and you can go to an associate website, which is an excellent way to get leads. He sent me D-1 workouts, and other cool information! Adam Linkenauger A lot of times, when we upload to YouTube, we think what we would title our videos or what we would keyword our videos.


How does it help you get more views on YouTube? It reminds me for example of PewDiePie. Home Blog Programs Login.

As a beginner, you have a chance to rank and get more views on YouTube. This is a hot moment to turn this viewer or prospect into a lead, and even turn them into customer rather quickly. But if you can get them off of YouTube and over to your website to give you the email, that is the magic. Be sure to use a call to action for people.

Adam Linkenauger We only do one video a week now, but we make it longer, and we make it quality. I was the target for jokes, and ridicule. I figured out that typical training only yielded typical results.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger – Thriving Launch Podcast

Our subscribers, which again are on our mailing list are coming back. We go to that keyword inside the search bar at the top of YouTube. When and if you use annotations, they do not work on mobile. These are individuals who espouse posting every day for a year or two to build up their ranking. Most Renown Basketball Trainer in the world today. But then, YouTube tends to come up quite often as the number one, two, or three hit.

After he took me from barely skimming rim to dunking with two hands I was finally ready to reach all of my goals at the Pro Level.

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