3B2 STYLES AND MACROS Jobs – Apply latest 3B2 STYLES AND MACROS Jobs across India on Browse 3B2 STYLES AND MACROS jobs, . TEX contains macros designed to prepare both ruled and unruled tables with loading of PHYZZX or any other macro set, for example. One of. 3B2 Macros Jobs in India Found – Apply to 3B2 Macros job vacancies for Freshers and Experienced on Register & Create FREE Job Alert Now !.

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For more information on custom solutions and consultancy see the Solutions topic. A script is made up of a sequence of macros.

3B2 Macros Jobs, 3B2 Macros Job Openings in India – Shine

For more information mqcros automation in 3B2 see 3n2 Automation topic. As well as its own internal scripts, 3B2 also includes full support for Perl scripts and Perl mini scripts. Every action in 3B2 will have a macro to match it, so provided that you know how to manually do something, then automation is possible. Scripts can be programmed onto function keys, started with a macro, or even started automatically when a document is opened or closed.


They can be used as fast access codes to any of 3B2’s functions. When writing a script you will need to know the macros to use.

As mentioned previously, they can easily be started, and can be made to look like extensions to 3b22, for example, adding to or changing existing menus. Fully customisable through scripting, 3B2 enables the creation of powerful blackbox publishing applications for printing or electronic distribution.

To the novice user, the macros are invisible, but in 3B2 every menu selection, keystroke, and even mouse movement generates internal macros.

Advent also offer advanced scripting and publishing solutions using 3B2. It can be used to create scripts to handle specific applications or perform specific tasks. Creating a script is easy, making full use of 3B2’s normal editing features.

The more experienced user can issue these macros, plus many mactos, directly to 3B2’s macro processor, significantly improving productivity and functionality. However, there is no such limitation on the use of pre-written scripts.


Technical information on scripts is available to users in the technical documentation available from documentation. One of 3B2’s most flexible and powerful features is its scripting ability.

Executing a sequence of macros leads on, logically, to including these macros in a script or macro file which can be run with a single command. This in turn provides savings in time and cost.

The full power of 3B2 scripts is limited only by the imagination of the user, for this reason, we recommend that anything more than simple projects should be undertaken by a competent programmer.

Below is a list and description of the different types of script available within 3B As you become familiar with 3B2’s scripting language you will build up a library of useful routines which can be re-used in other projects.

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